One-to-one Sessions

One-to-one Sessions aim at promoting and restoring health, satisfaction and personal well-being through a variety of psycho-physical therapeutic techniques. Bodyfullness methodology encourages and reinforces the rebalancing natural function that all we have. The energy level increases, thus enabling an improved general well-being or an efficient and fast recovery from imbalances that limit us. In addition, you will learn techniques that can be used outside the context of the session, therefore ensuring long-lasting welfare effects. In the sessions we use and learn about: breathing techniques, relaxation, control of unnecessary tensions, unnecessary and damaging effort, concentration, repetitive personal habits and patterns, limiting beliefs, emotions that dominate us, maladjusted behaviors, positive attitudes, awareness to the present moment, letting space to what we experience, etc.

Suitable and recommended for:

• Eliminating or reducing physical discomfort and imbalances, both acute and chronic.
• Disabling emotional and mental issues that limit you, such as anxiety, stress, worrying, low self-esteem.
• Working on relationship and behavior issues, such as shyness, lack of confidence, hyperactivity, dissatisfaction, etc..
• Feeling good, charging batteries or just taking a revitalizing break.

At the beginning of each session, we will spend some minutes for exchanging impressions and expressing how you feel at that moment and what has happened since our last session. This, together with the overall goal of the sessions, will define the practice for that day. At the end of the session you will rest for a few minutes to absorb the work carried out during the practice. Based on the results we will be updating, if necessary, the work plan. The sessions will come to an end when the overall goal is met. Optionally, you will be provided with a summary sheet and a work plan that you can practice by yourself in order to maintain the wellness achieved.