Due to my vocation, training and profession, I have always been interested in knowing who we are as expressed through our bodies and movements.

While developing bodyfullness as a technique for working with the body, movement, personal awareness and attention, I have been also devoting some time to explore on the nature of movement, both for pleasure and as a personal challenge.

With that purpose in mind, I have been continuously working on the relationship between the present moment and movement. I seek to move in the present, or more exactly to remain for as long as possible in a state of total mindfulness at each present moment.

To achieve that, one needs to be fully present and still and must let go any form of control and expectations on particular results. The more focused and present I manage to be, the more genuine the movement is.

During all this process, I have been in and out of this state of mind. Indeed, there are moments of moving according to familiar codes, of being trapped in a “knowing” state resulting from my previous experience as a dancer, and dance and movement teacher.

There have being also moments of being moved by the moment and I find myself surprised by what I was doing and who I became in order to be able to do it. These magic and new moments were enough tempting and fascinating to pursuing this intention that will never be satisfied 100%.

Still, to be able to experience these moments is like a gift, it expand our perception and allow us be “fresh and new”.