Group activities


Dynamic and physical yoga that cultivates remarkably greater levels of energy and strength, flexibility and mobility, mental calm and concentration.
The continued practice allows us to maintain greater degrees of relaxation and energy in everyday life.
No previous experience is needed and anybody can practice it as it adapts to the everybody condition.
Participants progress at their own pace and according to their fitness, skills and personal situation.
What you learn in class will enable you to cultivate your independent practice at home.
It is not related to nor proposes beliefs of any kind.
Yogafullness opens you to a space of wellbeing, health and personal fulfillment.


MY EMPTY SPACE: Dynamic Mindfulness

Dynamic mindfulness practice that focuses on kindly paying attention to the present moment, making space to whatever arises, without reacting, judging, resisting, or get stuck in it.
We work through awareness on the breath, movement, relaxation, sound, concentration and other elements.
It is a practice that integrates different mindfulness activites and is aligned with recent advances in neuroscience, which have been showing the remarkable benefits of mindfulness techniques and work cultivating awareness to the moment.
My Empty Space is not related nor proposes beliefs of any kind.



As part of the Bodyfullness programme, I developed the FULL AWARENESS MOVEMENT (FAM) methodology. FAM is the result of my observations throughout my personal and professional experience of more than 20 years both as a dancer and as a teacher of dance and conscious movement.
FAM is inspired by the appreciation that the greater our awareness of our body and the more attention we pay to it, the greater the focus and tranquility of our minds. This in turn contributes to an increase in the quality, precision and authenticity of our movement.
Through FAM classes the participant learns to move in a richer, fuller and healthier way. Expanding and deepening the awareness of the body, the movement and the space around us produces very personal, creative and satisfactory bodily motion. FAM classes are aimed at anybody seeking greater mobility and mental awareness. They are also the perfect grounding for any form of dance and bodywork practice.


CLEAR MIND IN CORPORE SANO: Well-being at work

We spend many hours at work. There are challenges, distressing and demanding situations. Bodyfullness methodology puts forward this workshop where you can learn exercises and positive attitudes for maintaining good energy levels, states of concentration and relaxation, and overall satisfaction at work.


GET THE BACK BACK: Goodbye to back pain

Tensions, discomfort and pain in the back area has become one of the most common problems among people. Studies show that the factors contributing to this steady increase, have to do with the current lifestyle, harmful habits and lack of awareness.
After more than 25 years as a body psychotherapist I have developed a program of group classes where exercises and the necessary attention are learned to create the desired change.
Since today back pain is also a somatic expression of other stress levels, during the course exercises to reduce mental and emotional stress are also learned due the fact that both affects the body strongly.



The experience of stress can appear in a number of situations and can be vary very differently from one person to another. For some, it becomes very physical, with aches, pains, while for others the disorder may show as more mental or emotional.
During this course you will practice exercises for identifying the manner in which our personal stress manifests, noticing the reaction that we automatically generate (in terms of muscular tensions, how we feel, how we behave, what we think…) and being able to create changes to this experience.