About me

Three axes define my vocation, professional background and experience:

  • Teaching as a space for personal development and transformation of the society.
  • Dance and conscious movement as a tool for self-discovery, expansion of one’s consciousness and expression of the self.
  • Integrative mind and bodywork techniques from a holistic view as the means for developing deep attention and overall wellness.

I work as a teacher of different techniques and approaches to dance/movement and body awareness from a global perspective, for enhancing the general well-being of the person and fostering health recovery. I have taught in class format, workshops, presentations and lectures.

I am also a working in one-to-one sessions where I apply integrative mind and bodywork techniques from a holistic perspective. I work with the general audience and with professionals in the performing arts in particular, who want to transform their limitations, discomfort and restrictive patterns into tools for improving their well-being and enhancing their personal and professional development.

I offer over 20 years of experience working with groups and individuals within an environment of deep and therapeutic learning by working with the body and movement, and developing awareness and an attitude of personal responsibility.

Such experience and expertise is embodied in a method, technique and specific programming: BODYFULLNESS®.



Academic training:

  • Bachelor of Education (BA/Bed) by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) specialized in contemporary dance at the Institut del Teatre, Barcelona.
  • Master of Fine Arts (MFA) specializing in Choreography and Dance Performance Techniques, by the Spanish Ministry of Education.
  • Certificate of Qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method.
  • Habilitation as Teacher Trainer of the Grinberg Method until 2012.

Professional training:

  • Studies in Paris with Sara Sughiara, Viola Farber, Peter Gosh Ruth Barnes (USA) (Limon and Cunningham techniques).
  • Studies in Amsterdam “Postmodern dance” with Julyen Hamilton (England), Tony Teacher (England). Steve Paxton and Katy Duck (USA).
  • Courses with Cesc Gelabert, David Zambrano, Pina Bausch and Anne Therese of Kresmaier.
  • Course of the Alexander technique applied to dance, in Amsterdam, with Eleine Lefebre (Belgium) and in Barcelona with Mattiew Troup (USA).
  • Since 2012, developing the Bodyfullness technique (in groups, individual sessions, workshops, lectures, etc.).



As a dancer:

  • Dancer in the show “Nights” in Paris, with Sara Sughiara.
  • Dancer in the Arnau theater, Barcelona.
  • Dancer in the choreography of Ravel’s Bolero by Maurice Béjart at the Liceu de Barcelona.
  • Dancer in the Liceu de Barcelona in different operas choreographed by Cesc Gelabert, Guillermina Coll and Agustin Ros (Mephistopheles, Columbus, Eugene De Oneguin, A Rare Thing,…).
  • Dancer of the Barcelona Contemporary Ballet.
  • Co-director, choreographer and dancer in the company “The Page of Wands” (Sitges International Festival, Glasgow, Madrid, Salamanca, International Festival of Girona,…).


As a teacher of dance and movement:

  • Teacher of contemporary dance in the city of Terrassa (Tosca and Tassili studies).
  • Teacher of contemporary dance in Barcelona (Ana Maleras studies, Varium, Ramon Soler, Eulàlia Blasi, The Factory, the Timbal,…).
  • Teacher of contemporary dance in the studio La Nau de Girona.
  • Teacher of contemporary dance at the University of Alacant.
  • Substitute teacher of contemporary dance in the Department of Interpretation at the Vic Theatre Institute.
  • Teacher of contemporary dance and creative movement in theater training school of Nancy Tuñón, Barcelona.
  • Teacher of contemporary dance and creative movement in several of the City of Barcelona public centers (Pati Llimona, Cotxeres Borrell, Casa Elizalde).


As a “Qualified Practitioner, Trainer and Teacher” of the Grinberg Method

(methodology of learning and development of the attention in order to stop the personal trends that limit us y develop the personal qualities by means of a work in the body y with the touch.)

  • From 1993 to 2012, I worked professionally in one-to-one sessions, accumulating over 12,000 hours.
  • From 2004 to 2012, I taught groups courses on topics such as: body movement, man identity, dealing with back pain, improving vision, strengthening the will, etc.
  • From 2006 to 2012, I taught the Grinberg method in several European countries (Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy).


As a professional of Bodyfullness:

  • Since 2012 I continue to develop the technique Bodyfullness in one to one sessions as well as in classes and group courses. The aim of these sessions is to strengthen and restore health and well-being from my integrative mind and body work and full awarenness proposal. The activity of regular classes and intensive courses on various subjects in different public and private centers, allows me to offer the technique to the general public. Topics such as: movement and body awareness, dynamic mindfulness, stress reduction, yogafullnes, reducing back pain, etc. Schools and Centers as Eulàlia Blasi Estudi de Dansa, Casa Asia, Gerard Arlandes Centre, home Sagnier, Casa Elizalde, Pati Llimona, CBD Bac de Roda, among others.
  • I’m teaching children and teenagers in Barcelona since January 2017 about creative movement and bodyawareness. Institut Escola Artístic Oriol Martorell